| June 24, 2021
Tips When Driving in Severe Weather
Can you guess what a king's favorite kind of precipitation is? That's right, HAIL. But that doesn't mean it's our favorite. Hailstorms can cause some pretty significant damage and, unfortunately, Colorado is no stranger to them. The diameter of hailstones can range from 3/8 of an inch to 4 1/2 inches. To give you a better visual that's roughly the size of a pea to the size of a softball. Hail can do tremendous damage to vehicles, buildings, crops, and can even be life-threatening to animals and people that don't take proper cover. When a severe thunderstorm warning is issued in your area, avoid driving and stay inside. However, if you happen to be behind the wheel when a severe hailstorm strikes, please do the following:

Turn on your low beams. Be alert and pay attention to surrounding vehicles.

Keep your distance. Avoid a rear-end collision by allowing 3X the usual distance from the vehicle in front of you.

Slow down. Hail has a greater impact on a moving vehicle. The faster you drive, the greater the impact.

Find a safe area to pull off. Turn on emergency flashers when stopped and make sure you are completely out of the traffic lane.

Find cover for your car. Look for a nearby parking garage or gas station canopy to wait out the storm. Do not stop under an overpass to avoid obstruction of emergency vehicles and collisions.

Angle the car. If you are unable to find cover, angle the car so falling hail hits the front windshield. The windshield is stronger than other windows in the car. If applicable, move away from the sunroof.

Don't leave the vehicle. Stay in your car to avoid injury. Lie down and cover your head with a coat or blanket to protect yourself from flying glass. Face away from windows.
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