Is my storage unit stuff covered?

Is my storage unit stuff covered?

| November 24, 2021

Choosing a self-storage facility is important, here are a few pointers to follow!

The Self Storage Association reports that 1 in 10 households currently rent some kind of storage unit.  Because of our passion for possessions, the need for extra space is in demand.  In Parker, Colorado Springs, Denver, Saratoga Springs, Provo, Orem, Lehi, and just about everywhere else we are seeing self-storage units spring up to accommodate the demand.

Self-storage units can be very useful – to declutter your home during a Spring cleaning venture, provide space between moves, store your college student’s extra stuff while home for the summer, stow winter gear you won’t need until next year, or to simply hold onto those sentimental things you just can’t let go of, etc. etc. . .
No matter where your belongings are, having the right insurance coverage is the best way to financially protect your things. ALINK Insurance Services can help!

If you plan to rent a storage unit, the Insurance Information Institute suggests taking these steps:
  • Ask your insurance professional about off-premises coverage. If your renters or homeowners insurance does not provide off-premises coverage, you may want to opt for a storage company that offers insurance. Keep in mind that any facility should also have its own insurance to cover damages to the property or injuries that occur on the premises.
  • Look for a secure facility. Fencing that secures the entire property and access control are the minimum security measures a storage business should offer. But, ideally, the storage building should have onsite security features such as 24-hour video surveillance cameras and coded security pads. Also, find out about the facility’s procedures in cases such as a fire or flood.
  • Find out what type of financial protection is provided by the storage facility. Most facilities provide reimbursement based on the square footage of the unit. Check both the coverage limits and whether it is provided on an actual cash value or replacement cost basis.

  • Look for a unit with climate control.  Very high or low temperatures, as well as dampness can quickly cause damage to appliances and furniture. And make sure that rising ground water from snow or rain is unable to penetrate the storage.

  • Consider special insurance or storage for expensive items.  If you intend to store valuable property, such as art, antiques, jewelry or furs, there may be dollar restrictions under your standard homeowners or renters insurance policy for theft.  Talk to your insurance professional about adding an endorsement to your policy in order to fully cover these items.

  • Check that the facility is clean and well-maintained. If a storage facility is not routinely and thoroughly cleaned, there is a good possibility no one is monitoring for bugs and rodent infestations. Verify that the facility has a permanent, reliable pest extermination contract in place before you trust them with your belongings. 
  • Create an inventory of items to be kept off-premises in storage.  Add the items you’re moving to the storage unit to your home inventory so that you can keep track of your belongings and make sure you have the right amount of insurance to protect them.
If you have any questions about your homeowners or renters insurance coverage, give us a call or go to The ALINK Insurance Services website to request a review today..  We’ll make sure you have the coverage you need to be protected!   We are "Your Link to Security!®

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