| July 18, 2022
As a contractor, technician, or trade professional, the tools and equipment you haul around from job to job are the lifeblood of your business. Imagine showing up to your job without your tools and equipment.  It is important to have an insurance policy in place to protect those valuable assets.

Imagine landing a large job that will last for a couple weeks, you and your team load up with thousands of dollars worth of tools, equipment and supplies for the job.  You have to spend a few nights at a hotel near the jobsite and come out one morning to find everything but your truck missing.  Your Inland Marine policy is there to save the day!

"Inland Marine" coverage protects your valuable tools and equipment when they are commuting from job to job or left behind at a jobsite temporarily.  It also protects mobile property such as skid loaders, generators, welders, and compressors. Make sure your Inland Marine policy is in place to protect your high-value handheld power tools with comprehensive coverage and other small pieces of equipment used to operate your business.

Our team of insurance advisors would love to help you find a competitively priced policy with the coverage you desire to protect your tools and equipment.  They will also be available to assist with the claim filing process should catastrophe strike.  
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