| December 28, 2021

In Utah, Colorado, and a host of other states where the joys of winter weather and freezing temperatures exist we are all too familiar with ice covered porches, driveways, sidewalks, roads, and parking lots.  I'm sure we can all reflect on a time or two where those slippery conditions have landed us on the ground with some nasty scrape, bruises, and sore tailbones to show for it.

This is a HUGE LIABILITY RISK for your home or business, thousands of individuals are injured each year,  Slip and Fall Accidents are one of the most common liability risks.  It's important to always look for and eliminate slip and fall hazards in and around your home or business.  As a business owner, it's also important to train employees on what to do if someone on your premises should suffer a fall.

 Here is a list from the Insurance Information Institute to monitor and address in order to help reduce your liability exposure:

  • Lighting: All areas should be adequately lit, including hallways and stairs.
  • Stairs: Handrails, steps and landings should be in good condition, clear of snow/ice.
  • Walkways: Walkways should be kept in good condition, clear of snow/ice.
  • Doormats: Doormats should be flat, slip resistant, cleaned and checked regularly in bad weather.
  • Ice and Snow: Have an effective procedure in place to assure that snow and ice are removed.
  • Exits: Exits should be well marked, well lit and clear of obstacles.
  • Parking Lot: Potholes, cracks, or uneven areas should be repaired.
  • Floors: Any changes in floor level should be clearly marked.
  • Housekeeping: General housekeeping should be maintained and storage areas kept neat.
  • Carpeting: Carpeting should be tight and smooth.
  • Spills: Have an effective procedure in place to assure that all spills are immediately cleaned up.

Look for treacherous areas on your property, such as ice patches, uneven sidewalks, ripped carpet or other tripping hazards, etc.  When possible fix the issues quickly to limit your liability.  However, when a fix is going to take a while it is a good opportunity to at least mark these areas or put up barriers around them to show you made reasonable efforts to prevent harm to others.

ALINK Insurance Services® and our team of licensed insurance advisors wish you and all who enter your home or business safety and joy this winter season!  For a complimentary review of your liability exposures give us a call or have one of our our trusted insurance advisors provide a coverage analysis today.

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