Odds Are Your Identity Has Been Hacked!

Odds Are Your Identity Has Been Hacked!

Identity Theft in Colorado Springs, Parker and Saratoga Springs.

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Identity theft has become the fastest growing white-collar crime in America, you would be surprised to know how much of your data may have already been compromised.  Once it is taken it is accessible for years and years to come.  Having your identity stolen damages your sense of security, but the real hardship may be how difficult, time-consuming, and expensive it can be to restore your identity.

Hacked identities are much larger than credit card fraud, they also include false IRS or unemployment filings, having you or your child's name and social security number in criminal data records, erroneous filings with credit bureaus, and so much more.  Getting your life back on track as fast and hassle free as possible is what we strive to do at ALINK Insurance Services®.

We offer simple and affordable ways to protect you and your family from this growing threat by adding identity theft coverage to your current Homeowners, Condo, or Renters Insurance policy or for more cost effective coverage we can offer a full service identity restoration solution that does most of the time consuming work for you.

Common Identity Theft policy coverages include expenses associated with:

  • Attorney Fees
  • Costs of Certified Mail
  • Loan Re-Application Fees
  • Costs of Long Distance Phone Calls
  • Reimbursement for Lost Income
  • Costs of Executing Affidavits

ALINK Insurance Services® provides access to IDShield® identity theft notification and restoration services: Learn More!

    SSN, Credit Cards, Bank Accounts, Black Market Websites, Social Media, Medical Identity Number, Credit and more.  With immediate alerts if any change occurs in your status.
    You don't need to have an issue to consult with an identity theft specialist.  They can advise you on best practices to help keep your identity safe.
    IDShield provides Licensed Private Investigators.  If compromised, you can contact your Licensed Private Investigator, who will immediately begin restoring your identity while you continue on with your life.
    If you become a victim of identity theft, IDShield will do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to restore your identity.

Having your identity stolen is frustrating enough. Having to recover and restore your credit and finances should not have to be. Talk with a specialist at ALINK Insurance Services® to learn how Identity Theft coverage and IDShield can help save you time, money, and a whole lot of pain.