Severe Weather Driving Tips

In Colorado, the difficult driving season doesn't end when summer comes around.  All year long the Colorado weather can create hazards for drivers.  Here are some tips about how to drive safe in severe weather:



In Colorado, thunderstorms are possible from early spring to late fall. They can make the roads very treacherous for the duration of the storm and some time after. 

Here are some tips for driving in thunderstorms:  

  • Turn on your headlights: Your headlights will help you see better, but more importantly, help other see you.  Use your low beams, not your high beams. Colorado law says that headlights must be turned on whenever you cannot see more than 1,000 feet in front of you.
  • Slow down:  Visibility can be substantially reduced during heavy rains, and the ability to stop quickly is reduced - wet roads make roads more slippery and braking distance is increased.  
  • Consider Pulling Over:  If the storm is severe enough, you may want to pull over and wait for it to end.  If you do, make sure to turn on your Hazard lights so that other vehicles can see you.  You should look for locations where you are completely out of the lane of traffic.
Driving In Hail

Driving In Hail

Hail is one of the most common and costly weather hazards in Colorado. What causes hail in the first place? Moisture rich atmosphere, falling precipitation, and strong updrafts are the keys to create a hailstorm.  The stronger the updraft, the larger the hail stones. 

If you are caught on the road driving in a hailstorm, follow these tips to stay safe!

  • Turn on your low beams, drop your speed & be aware of surrounding vehicles.
    Allow 3x the usual distance from the back bumper of the vehicle ahead of you to avoid rear-end collision.

  • Find a safe place to pull off the road & turn on emergency flashers. Impact speed of hail is greater on a moving vehicle.

  • Find shelter for car if possible. (Gas station canopy, parking garage, etc.) Do not stop under overpass to avoid collisions and emergency vehicle obstruction. Make sure you are completely out of the traffic lane & avoid low lying areas due to the possible risk of rising water.

  • If you can’t find cover, angle your car so falling hail hits the front windshield. It is stronger than other windows. Move away from sun roof if you have one.

  • Stay inside your vehicle to avoid injury. Lie down with face away from window. Use coat or blanket to protect your face and head from flying glass.

Helpful Videos about Severe Weather Driving

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